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Massage Therepy

Massage Services

  • 1 h
  • $75 plus - See list
  • 828-400-8888

Service Description

Swedish massage- Relaxing massage using kneading and rhythmical strokes to help relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, and soothes the soul. 60 minutes $80 90 minutes $100 Deep Tissue massage- is a technique used to treat musculus skeletal issues such as strains, sports injuries, and repetitive motion. It goes deeper into the muscles relieving pain and soreness and increases flexibility. 60 minutes $80 90 minutes $110 Soothing Stone massage-Warm stones are placed on the body to prepare the body to be massaged all over with the stones. Great for deeper relaxation. Muscle tension, and arthritis. 75 minutes $100 Table Thai massage-Consists of stretching the entire body, while using compression, and focusing on the mechanical functions of the body to increase energy and flexibility of the body. 60 minutes $80 90 minutes $110 Thai Stretching- this technique is good to put the bodys structure back in balance. Good to use before or after playing any sport to stretch muscles and prevent injuries 30 minutes $40 Sports massage- good technique for preparing for a sporting event massage to increase flexibility, circulation, and stretching muscles to prevent injuries. 60 minute $80 90 minute $110 Cupping- a technique using suction cups to help reduce inflammation, adhesions, and increasing lymphatic drainage, and blood supply to the muscles relieving acute and chronic pain. 60 minutes $80 90 minutes 110 Energy healing- This can be an assortment of techniques including reiki, healing touch, chakra balancing, and qigong meditation. A gentle hands on therapy channeling energy from the universe to help heal the mind, body and spirit. 60 minutes $75 90 minutes $100 Exfoliating moisture wrap- this technique uses soft dry brushing to remove dead skin cells and increase lymphatic drainage, while using deep moisture and being wrapped in a warm cocoon. Massage is included. 90 minutes $120 Detoxification wrap- This technique uses cupping for lymphatic drainage, and aromatherapy to help detoxify the body, while being wrapped in a warm cocoon to further detoxify. Scalp and foot massage included. 90 minutes $120 Add Ons-these therapies can be added to any massage to increase the enjoyment of the massage, but does not necessarily increase the time of the massage Warm stones $15 Cupping $15 Dry brushing $20 Aromatherapy $10 Cooling gel $10

Contact Details


19 Water Street, Waynesville, NC, USA

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